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The most advanced pain relief & recovery device for dogs.

Help your dog feel better, be happier and in less pain. KorDog is a wearable harness that uses microcurrent therapy to accelerate healing & provide full-body pain relief for your dog, without costly vet visits or harmful drugs.
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Microcurrent Therapy: Backed By Science.

Microcurrent therapy (MCT) is an electrotherapy modality with very low current-levels and is highly effective in managing  pain and inflammation in joints & muscles.
Microcurrent is sub-sensory meaning it cannot be felt and is highly tolerated.

For all sizes and breeds

Fits easily on large or small dog breeds. Comfortable treatments at home or on the move.

Mobile App Controlled

Easily select and start treatments from the Mobile Application.

Multiple Treatments

Select from Pain Management, Repair and Recovery or Maintenance and Wellbeing.

Recommended by Vets

Microcurrent treatment is backed by science and recommended by veterinarians.

Relieve Pain Without Drugs, Surgeries, or Side Effects.

Help relieve tension, muscle spasms and pain, or speed up post-op recovery without stress, costly vet visits, hard-to-swallow pills, or side-effects. KorDog offers a comfortable, at-home treatment.
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Easy To Use & Perfect For Dogs Of All Ages

KorDog has 3 modes depending on your dog’s needs.

1. Recover

Injury recovery, strains or surgery

2. Relieve

For pain management and relief

3. Rejuvenate

Daily wellness for active or older dogs

Give Any Size Dog Full Body Relief In Under 1 Hour

Simply put the harness on your dog, dock the device to the harness, select a mode in the app, and activate treatment. It’s sensation-free, so your dog won’t feel anything but relief in as little as 1 hour!

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